Katrina Dunbar - Farnham

It is a rare thing to have had people working in your house at the most anti-social times of day for several months and to have nothing but the highest praise for every individual, and the quality of their work. Pete Brolly and the team are not only excellent craftsmen but they combine that with Michelle Brolly’s skilled project management so that as a client you always have both an overview and someone to help with the smallest design details. Brolly Refurbishment are not just builders, they are creatives. I told them I was unsure where best to put the dining table in the new kitchen because I wanted it under the roof lantern, but also wanted light over it at night. I showed them a picture of the chandelier I had in mind and they suggested and commissioned the iron bar which now supports it as the centrepiece of the kitchen. They adapted the original bathroom plan to maximise space while avoiding compromising the shape of the kitchen. I discovered Brolly through local friends who recommended them. I had been planning my single storey extension project alone with no experience of more than decorating and found the prospect of the chaos of building overwhelming. Pete and Michelle Brolly’s calmness and good humour in the face of inevitable unexpected issues arising along the way inspired confidence at every stage and an end result which is exactly the living space I’d hoped for. Katrina Dunbar, Farnham

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